1) What brought you to the sisterhood and choose to be a union carpenter?
I was not interested in the debt that came along with college, and I knew I wanted a hands on job that would pay me a good wage with good benefits so that I could support myself. The union seemed the best option for that.

2) What was your favorite project or worksite?
My favorite project is the one I’m on now. I am installing ceilings at Newark Airport’s new terminal. I am working with a ceiling system I have never worked with before. I enjoy the challenges that have come so far with it and overall enjoy learning how to install/build more things in the trade. Thus, any project that has different-than-most and more challenging work is my favorite to be on.

3) Who was your inspiration growing up?
My parents were my biggest inspiration growing up. I saw that good things came to those who worked hard. Neither of them had attended college and both became very successful in their own ways. Thus, I am following suit.

4) What advice would you tell young women looking to pursue a career in the trades?
Just do it. It was the best decision of my life. I love my job and a make a great wage doing it.

5) What do you like best about being a member of Local 254 and a union carpenter?
I love being able to turn around at the end of each work day and be able to say I built that. Oh, and the wages and benefit package of course! Haha