How do I become a Union Carpenter?

For more information on how to become a Union Carpenter, please call 732-372-6020 or

How do I become a Union Contractor?

For more information on how to become a Union Contractor, please call 732-417-2104, 856-298-2006 or email

How do I pay my Dues?

To pay your dues over the phone call 732-225-7210, to pay your dues electronically click here, or you can pay in person at the local’s office. Please pay via check money order, debit or credit card. Cash is not accepted

Where’s my dues card?

If you haven’t received your dues card, please call 732-225-7210

How do I check my dues status?

To check your dues status, please call 732-225-7210 or visit MIX2020.

Where do I get information on how to use the Mix 20/20 Dispatch Systems?

Please contact Dave Wright: call 215-569-2418 or email

What number am I on the OWL list?

Please call 1800-735-1829 or visit MIX2020.

How do I find out where the Volunteer Activity locations are?

To find out where our current Volunteer Activity location is, call 732-379-6115

How do I check my Volunteer Activity Status?

To check your Volunteer Activity Status, please call Joanie Teeple at 732-417-1978. You can also log into MIX2020 to see your participation history at MIX2020.

How do I get involved with the Volunteer Organizing Committee?

To become part of the VOC, please call 732-754-4640 , email

How do I get assistance from the Member Assistance Program?

To see if you qualify for the Member Assistance Program please call 732-225-7211 or

How do I obtain TWIC or SWAC Credentials? How do I get reimbursed for my TWIC or SWAC Credentials?

To get information on obtaining your TWIC or SWAC Credentials, please visit TWIC or SWAC. To find out about possibly getting reimbursed for TWIC or SWAC Credentials please contact the NJ Carpenters Training Center at 908-241-8866.

How do I become a Certified Shop Steward?

To be put on the Shop Steward Certification Class waiting list please call Joanie Teeple at 732-417-1978.

How much are my Dues?

The dues schedule is as follows:
Regular Member – $21.00
Junior Retiree – $16.80
Retirees – Paid by local
Honorees – Paid by local

Are my dues refundable?

Dues payments are refundable under certain circumstances. If you have any questions please call 732-225-7210.

Contractual Holidays

New Year’s Day
Presidents Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day