UBC Training Verification Cards

Dear UBC Member:

The Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) is pleased to announce that soon all members will have a Training Verification Card (TVC). Members who did not receive a card in the initial mailing should be receiving theirs in the mail soon.

This card verifies a member’s current training, certifications and qualifications. Training, certifications and qualifications which have expired or are incomplete will not appear. In addition, the card now displays the member’s union status and level so that they stay eligible to take training classes. Members and shop stewards can now check their dues status by scanning the QR code on the TVC card. The TVC card can be read with any QR code reader, which can be downloaded to any mobile device from the appropriate App or Play Store.

For new members Training Verification Card will print upon becoming a member (instead of after completing their first class) and will automatically update every time they successfully complete a class, change status or upgrade.

If members have any questions about the training records shown on the card they should contact their local training center. In addition, they should contact their local training center to add a photo on the card. The local union will handle photo and address changes as usual. Members should be encouraged to keep the card on them at all times.

If a member has a lost or damaged card you can request a replacement card for them through the local training center. However, the Local Union may print them a paper dues card so they have that on them until their replacement arrives. If they go to the local training center they will be able to get a temporary TVC card which is good until their replacement arrives.


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