Carpenters Volunteer Pledge – You Can Make a Difference!

Each year, Carpenters Local 254 generously donates both services and volunteer time to a wide variety of community organizations and causes. By setting an example through charitable giving, Carpenters Local 254 has made philanthropy a fundamental part of their culture.

In an effort to further our community outreach activities, Carpenters Local 254 has created a Volunteer Organizing Committee, a committee that will positively impact the lives of others for years to come. The Volunteer Organizing Committee is a philanthropic vehicle to mobilize, energize and inspire people in the construction industry to support and fund charitable causes. The mission of Carpenters Local 254 is to support and promote awareness for organizations that foster charitable causes.

Together with our co-sponsors and dedicated personnel, Carpenters Local 254 is striving to build a stronger community!

Join the Carpenters Volunteerism movement and become a Carpenters Difference Maker by contributing to the total hours volunteered by Carpenter members throughout the year! If you are interested in joining our Volunteer Organizing Committee, please sign-up below for our newsletter. You may also contact Jason Friedman

Below are just a few organizations we work with and or support.

Philanthropic Partners