On International Women’s Day, we honor all the hardworking women in our local. Cyndie Williams, Chair of the SIB, says “we should embrace a construction culture that helps all to feel welcome on the jobsite.”

1) What contributions have women carpenters made at Local 254?

Creating a culture that includes everyone is the goal of today’s Local Union. Women have represented this local through the years in commitment to volunteering, mentoring others and enhancing their skills.

2) Has there been an increase in sister carpenters in the workforce in recent years?

In the past five years, there has been a large focus on increasing MarketShare for women in our trade.

3) What brought you to the sisterhood and choose to be a union carpenter?

I watched “This Old House” every day after school. Sounds corny, but it’s true. I called a vocational school to inquire about carpentry classes, and they gave me the best advice… “Get in the Union, they will put you through school for free!” The rest is good fortune.

4) What was your favorite project or worksite?

I really enjoyed bridge work, climbing, working at heights, the elements… I learned so much, every day out there and made some great friends along the way.

5) What message do you have to young women looking to pursue a career in the trades?

Commit to learning every day. Become educated in both your craft, as well as how the union works.

6) How can carpenters get involved with the Sisterhood in the Brotherhood initiatives?

Member volunteering is a critical component to gaining work hours in our industry. Be it a job action or a political walk, members have a strong voice in our communities. Come to a quarterly SIB meeting. Learn how we are activating our members to become more educated, and more involved.