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I’ve been a member of the United brotherhood of Carpenters for over 16 years. I started my apprenticeship in 2003 in my former local 31, Trenton, New Jersey. I still work in the field alongside my fellow brothers and sisters. At times serving as a shop steward, and now serving us members as a delegate of our local 254. I am grateful for the opportunity and responsibility to serve.

I graduated Hamilton high school west in Mercer County in 1995. Went to Mercer county community college for over a year and just realized I wanted a different path. My father was a sub contractor installing hardwood flooring, so I jumped in to learn a trade. After several years as competition diminished our work & wages, I had enough. After being excepted into our union, I stayed involved and over the years has opened many doors.

Not only the skills to be a Journeyman, but the drive to do more outside of the workplace. Being more involved in my community, volunteering, being elected as a member of the Mercer County Democratic committee. Having a more selfless mind to help others around me. These are the doors that opened being a part of the Carpenters. The past 16 years haven’t been all perfect, but well worth the struggle.

I can honestly say I owe a lot to the IJBC and the journeyman who guided me on the right path. And now it is our obligation to return the favor to our apprentices. Go out and do right by our contractors, and do right by the Brotherhood which we all took an oath to care for. We, as members, all share this same responsibility.