Phone: (732) 956-8298

My name is Robert Hopkins and I currently serve on a daily basis as a Council Representative for the K.M. L. Council of Carpenters. The other duties I perform on a daily basis are serving as an Apprentice Coordinator and ICRA lead. The counties I serve are Warren, Sussex, and Western Morris County. I have served in this capacity for the past 19 months. It has been a very challenging but rewarding position. I look forward to working for the members and our organization every day.

I came into the Carpenters Union in 1996 and have worked in the field on a wide array of projects. I was a Shop Steward or Foreman on many projects throughout the years and enjoyed teaching and mentoring fellow carpenters to leave my mark. I am very grateful to have worked with and for some of the most highly professional people in the field. I worked on projects that where award winning projects and projects that will leave a mark for a lifetime. I have served as a VOC Chair, Trustee, and Delegate in two locals.

Over the years the most rewarding part of being a member in the UBC has been having the opportunity to be a contributing member to our organization not just on the job but out working in our communities on a large number of volunteer projects. A mentor of mine once told me you are not living unless you are giving, I took his advice.

I have been married for twenty years to a very understanding lady who fully supports me in my career. It is great to have a partner like her. I am the father of 3 children and I reside in Warren County where I have lived my entire life.