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Our mission clearly states that we must cultivate a spirit of fraternity among the working people regardless of creed, color, nationality or politics. It is not enough to condemn racism. That is why Local 254 is committed to doing our part to contribute to a diverse, safe, and equitable workplace.

Stop tax Fraud, Everyone is a Victrom

Stop Tax Fraud.  Everyone is a Victim

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Thank You For Helping The Trenton Rescue Mission

March 1, 2021
We would like to thank all of our wonderful members for their clothing and toiletry donations to the Trenton Rescue Mission. Your donations will help our communities in need with their basic necessities. Pictured are Stan Rudziewicz, Miguel Camacho, and Dominic Recine.

Congratulations to LU 254 Member Patrick Boisier for winning an F-150!

January 21, 2021
Creating a stronger Union is not just excelling on the job site. It is also giving back, speaking out, and being a leader in one’s community. In times like these, our collective outreach to support our communities, protect worker’s rights, and elected leaders who will support our union families is of the utmost importance. The...

Substance Abuse Problem?

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“The partnership of Local 254 and Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey is forged in trust and a spirit of cooperation. We rely on each other to produce the highest-quality work and uphold the highest standards of construction – for the good of all. The craftworkers of Local 254 are seasoned, experienced and loyal. Through good economic times and bad, they have produced the highest quality work keeping an unwavering focus on professionalism, safety, and productivity.”

Jack Kocsis, Jr., CEO